Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Rush Rush Rush Rush

Contact details of the provider:

First Name: Andreas
Last Name: Köhler
App Name: Rush Rush Rush Rush

Description of data types collected by the App - access rights:

We do not save your data. The App is unable to save user's data.

We do not have any data from you. It is not in our interest to save data from you.

Explanation of the purpose for which these data are collected:

We do no collect any Data from you. There fore we do not have a purpose to save any Data.

Storage Time:

We save your Data for 0 Seconds. Because we not even collect them.

Rush Rush Rush Rush is a simple game, made for the fun and the good of all man.

Information about transmission to third parties and their purpose

We do not collect and save your data and therefore we do not share them with third parties.

We do not even have third parties.

Date of creation: July 31, 2018